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Want to Vote?

The best information can be found right on the website for the Secretary of State. In addition, if you would like to register online we encourage you to exercise your civic right and duty.

Thank you for visiting the Meriden Republican Town Committee website!

The Meriden Republican Town Committee, lead by Chairman Joseph Vollano, continues to oppose excessive spending and higher taxes in Meriden and the State. We continue to advocate for a more business friendly environment to bring back jobs to Meriden. We continue to support improved public safety by strengthening our police and fire departments. We also support the education of Meriden’s children and the continued support of benefits for Meriden’s Veterans.

How does this all get done? It’s done by coming together with one voice. Look what happened couple years ago when Meriden Citizens signed a petition for a referendum on the City’s budget. It forced the City Council to take another look at spending. Unfortunately when they did, they actually spent more tax money. Look at what happened when across the State, citizens showed Governor Lamont the majority of Connecticut residence opposed Tolls. The bill was defeated, at least for now. As Citizens of Meriden, we have the power with our vote to influence Meriden’s direction.

We need your help!

Meriden and the state continue to face some critical challenges. We believe the State has a serious spending problem, not a revenue problem. The City of Meriden needs to attract more businesses. Meriden’s current direction is bad for future generations. Businesses are leaving. People have left the City and the State for Florida and North Carolina. Many ordinary citizens have had enough of excessive spending and rising taxes.


You’re invited to attend our monthly Republican Town Committee meeting at 7 p.m. on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at the Augusta Curtis Cultural Center, 175 East Main Street Meriden. The Meriden Republican Town Committee would welcome your participation. If you would just like to help with financial support, you can do that by mailing a check to MRTC, P.O. Box 1613, Meriden, CT 06450 or by using the DONATE button on this page.

Feel free to contact our Chairman Joseph Vollano at

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